Sacred Garden / New Moon Cycle

Sacred Garden consists of empowering small group sessions of self discovery and community building that catalyze personal development and spiritual growth, connection with self and others, meaningful interpersonal relationships, and joyful community deeply rooted mutual respect. ​

Our first step is back, out of our daily norms and routines, in order to access our inner vitality. Scheduled around the New Moons, it is time of setting new intentions to discover the personal relationship and wisdom we hold within.

Our journey together builds genuine and lasting connections. We journey with a small group of peers, 10 per circle, and come out bonded on the other end. Our community is a supportive network of peers seeking to challenge one another to grow and embrace one another for who we are, and who we were created to be.

We’ll have facilitators at each call who will take a leadership role in organizing and designing our time and space together. These sessions, though, are ours. We’ll learn from and share with one another. Our facilitators will create a framework that supports our process as a group, weaving each of our contributions into a wholesome journey.

Each session will have up to 10 participants.

Who is the Sacred Garden for? Sincere seekers (women) who wish to know more about themselves and be in service of others too – limit to 10 per session, wait-list available.